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Services Overview

San Antonio Doctor’s Office – Westover Hills Clinic

Dr. Caroline Hernandez, MD

Our patients range from 16 to 106 and we offer both preventative care – your annual physical – as well as medical care when you don’t feel well, or have on going medical problems.

With a board certified Internal Medicine doctor on staff, and two Nurse Practitioners we offer modern appropriate health care.

Your medical needs change quite a bit from youth to advanced age, and with over 20 years in practice, experience counts.

We have in-house testing and services including:
Circulation testing
Retinal Eye Exams (takes retinal photo)
Diabetic Nerve Testing
Evoke Neuroscience Testing (for cognitive & memory changes)
Allergy Testing & Treatment
Hormone Testing and Replacement
Weight Loss Plan- Ideal Protein Protocol
Blood Draws for Testing

For x-ray, CT and MRI, we refer clients to a facility that’s about a mile away.

Aesthetic Services
Skin Revitalization, Hair Removal, Body Sculpting, Anti Aging Skin Treatments.
See our Agave Laser and Aesthetic Clinic

My Go-To Provider

I won't go any place else.

I won't go any place else.

My go-to is Mr. Jerry Burris, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and he has been awesome!  This clinic recently moved to 1919 Rogers Road so its still close to the Alamo Ranch area.  The front office (Pearl and Mary) along with the back office staff (Becky and Cathy) complement a team that has always provided me with the best service and professional courtesy. They accept Humana Tricare (my insurance). I won’t go any place else. They also are good about getting you in when there are appointment cancellations.

She is one of the best physicians ...

I will be a long term patient ...

I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a great, knowledgeable physician

Dr. Hernandez and her staff are great. She is one of the best physicians that I have ever had. Her staff has always been very on responsive to all of my needs, in the clinic and when I call in. Dr. Hernandez is not only my internal medicine provider, but also did a thourough work up on my testosterone level and determined that was a good candidate for the pellets. Dr. Hernandez was well prepared and gave me a thorough explanation of what was going to happen and her bedside manner was amazing during the procedure. She made me feel extremely comfortable as I was very nervous prior to the procedure. I will be a long term patient at the Westover Hills Clinic. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a great, knowledgeable physician.