Services Overview

San Antonio Doctor’s Office – Westover Hills Clinic

Dr. Caroline Hernandez, MD

Our patients range from 16 to 106 and we offer both preventative care – your annual physical – as well as medical care when you don’t feel well, or have on going medical problems.

With a board certified Internal Medicine doctor on staff, and two Nurse Practitioners we offer modern appropriate health care.

Your medical needs change quite a bit from youth to advanced age, and with over 20 years in practice, experience counts.

We have in-house testing and services including:
Circulation testing
Retinal Eye Exams (takes retinal photo)
Diabetic Nerve Testing
Evoke Neuroscience Testing (for cognitive & memory changes)
Allergy Testing & Treatment
Hormone Testing and Replacement
Weight Loss Plan- Ideal Protein Protocol
Blood Draws for Testing

For x-ray, CT and MRI, we refer clients to a facility that’s about a mile away.

Aesthetic Services
Botox, Hair Removal, Body Sculpting, Anti Aging Skin Treatments.
See our Agave Laser and Aesthetic Clinic

My Go-To Provider

I won't go any place else.

I won't go any place else.

My go-to is Mr. Jerry Burris, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and he has been awesome! ┬áThis clinic recently moved to 1919 Rogers Road so its still close to the Alamo Ranch area. ┬áThe front office (Pearl and Mary) along with the back office staff (Becky and Cathy) complement a team that has always provided me with the best service and professional courtesy. They accept Humana Tricare (my insurance). I won’t go any place else. They also are good about getting you in when there are appointment cancellations.

She is one of the best physicians ...

I will be a long term patient ...

I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a great, knowledgeable physician

Dr. Hernandez and her staff are great. She is one of the best physicians that I have ever had. Her staff has always been very on responsive to all of my needs, in the clinic and when I call in. Dr. Hernandez is not only my internal medicine provider, but also did a thourough work up on my testosterone level and determined that was a good candidate for the pellets. Dr. Hernandez was well prepared and gave me a thorough explanation of what was going to happen and her bedside manner was amazing during the procedure. She made me feel extremely comfortable as I was very nervous prior to the procedure. I will be a long term patient at the Westover Hills Clinic. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a great, knowledgeable physician.