Preventative Medical Care

San Antonio Doctor’s Office – Westover Hills Clinic

Dr. Caroline Hernandez, MD

Preventative medical care is the foundation of good health.

Preventative medicine begins with an annual exam that will focus on information about you, your family, an examination, and getting appropriate testing done.

Identifying and screening for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and depression are among the top priorities – although there are many others as well. Age appropriate immunizations and specific recommendations are made on a case by case basis.

What can you do to make your annual exam more productive:
Bring all your medicine and vitamin bottles to each visit.

Bring us the names of all doctors you see.

Remember that annual exam is meant to be a Well visit – that means try to schedule it when you are feeling generally well so that our time will be best used in addressing prevention.

Schedule your physical. We look forward to seeing you.

Adult care under age 65
The persons in this age group who are generally in good health will be screened for:

Hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, and psychosocial issues. In addition blood tests to screen for liver, kidney, as well as thyroid, blood counts, urine tests are standard. Tests for STD’s can be done as needed. Hormone testing can be done as needed.

Tests for bone thinning (osteopenia/osteoporosis ) are done for women after menopause.

Additional testing may include: circulation, EKG, glaucoma, and diabetic sensory testing.

Immunizations for flu, pneumonia, shingles and others may be recommended on case by case basis

The need for cancer screening for colon, breast, cervical cancer, and prostate is done during annual exams.

Addressing lifestyle choices that are unhealthy such as smoking, inactivity, obesity , alcohol use are needed as well.

The need for supplemental vitamins will be addressed as needed.

Adult care over 65
In addition to the section just above, additional attention is made for:

Prevention of falls

Evaluation for cognitive decline

Hearing and vision impairment

Schedule your physical. We look forward to seeing you.