Doctor & Staff

Dr. Caroline Hernandez


Dr. Caroline Hernandez is a Board Certified Internal Medicine doctor focusing on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult medical problems. She was raised in San Antonio where she earned a Bachelors Degree
in Chemistry at Trinity University. 

After completing medical school at the University of Texas, San Antonio, she relocated to Providence Rhode Island where she completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Rhode Island Hospital, an affiliate of Brown University.  She then returned to San Antonio to establish her medical practice.

Today with over 15 years experience as a physician, Dr. Hernandez is affiliated with major San Antonio Hospitals and will routinely follow her patients should they need in patient hospital care.  She is committed to delivering high quality patient care and conducts her practice with a calm, caring and professional demeanor, which her staff and patients truly enjoy.


Dr. Hernandez enjoys the kind dedication of her staff - Grace, Irene, Becky, Pearl, Barbara, Joyce, and Janie. They have been very steady and professional assistants in helping our patients on a daily basis.

NP Jerry Burris


As a nurse practioner, Jerry Burris has been an strong asset to the practice by providing his patients and staff with a friendly, professional and smart approach to their common problems.

He attended University of Texas Health Science Center in the Family Nurse Practioner program and has been working alongside Dr Hernandez for over 3 years.

He is available to help manage common ailments and condtions. He is a great help in answering questions and regularly consults with Dr Hernandez as necessary.


11212 State Hwy 151, Suite 190 | San Antonio, Texas 78251